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    And @machistado (aka @mohandasgandhi) just shared a very good read on America’s interrogation experiments in the Philippines and it’s pursuit then of the idea of enlightened imperialism. To read the whole excerpt, do click through the pic above.

    Oh, and if you’re not yet following Anna in both blogs, you’re missing a lot from the Tumblr experience.

    There’s a reason Stanley Karnow titled his book on the US in the Philippines “In Our Image.” Thanks guys! Really love what you did with the place!

    In other news, American forces also excelled at concentration camp style round up of Filipino civilians.

    Of course, they just refined and improved techniques they developed on Native American tribes. Exact same leadership from those battles were deployed here.

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    Yep, with soldiers who had the exact same thoughts on the “injuns,” it’s no wonder then that they looked upon Filipinos...
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    I just read the article and post and I will just highlight key parts of it here. First here is the news article by The...
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    TW: violence, torture, military atrocities. Click the image to go to the OP. (Nothing to add to the excellent, searing...
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    There’s a reason Stanley Karnow titled his book on the US in the Philippines “In Our Image.” Thanks guys! Really love...
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