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    Andrew Zimmern: Filipino food is the ‘next big thing’

    I think it’s going to take another year and a half to get up to critical mass, but everybody loves Chinese food, Thai food, Japanese food, and it’s all been exploited. The Filipinos combined the best of all of that with Spanish technique. The Spanish were a colonial power there for 500 years, and they left behind adobo and cooking in vinegar — techniques that, applied to those tropical Asian ingredients, are miraculous.

    Filipino cuisine has a variety of foreign influences. The impact of China is evidenced in their use of noodles (pancit)fried rice (sinangang) and spring rolls (lumpia), as well as the soy sauce and fish sauce found in many other dishes. 

    [Read more on bites.today.msnbc.msn.com]

    Cool beans. Though cooking in vinegar was a technique that predated Spanish influence. Spain brought garlicky goodness though.

    Hell, that’s why adobo is so damn Filipino. It combines indigenous techniques (cooking in vinegar) with Spanish and Chinese influences.

    Fusiony sweetness.

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    I am not a huge fan of Andrew Zimern but I would def agree with him! Filipino food is amaze balls! @lennyredfinger...
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    I shouldn’t be seeing this so late at night @_@
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