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    Bayo reveals phases 2 and 3 of campaign cut short

    Independence Day celebrations yesterday prompted fashion label Bayo to reveal what were supposedly phases two and three of their “What’s Your Mix?” campaign.

    In a letter accompanying the revelation of phases two and three of “What’s Your Mix?,” Bayo vice president Lyn Agustin writes:

    “With the different variations and suggestions made by the public, we have decided to reveal the rest of the campaign, as a way of shedding more light on the issue.

    It was meant to be a three-part series rolled out over the next few months with the intent of celebrating nationality, heritage and personality mix.

    Unfortunately, the message got lost along the way. Despite this, we at BAYO, will continue our 20-year tradition of celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of every Filipino.”

    If the message got lost along the way that’s because of two things: 1. It was a shitty message. 2. It was a shitty awful campaign.

    Of course to expect anything close to new thought (at least more modern thoughts other than reductive and infantile ones like the color of ones skin and the racial make up of ones ancestors make a person who they) out of a clothing line is kind of like waiting for Miriam Santiago to act civilized.

    In other words, likelihood of happening is pretty damn low.

    On a personal note, it’s idiotic shit like this that gets people refusing to believe I’m Filipino. Way to embarrass Rizal et al guys.

    Good job.

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    HAH! This reminds me of this Holocaust film where a Gestapo hunts down Germans who have 1/8th Jewish blood. Talk about...
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    It really drives me up the wall that more people aren’t angry about this campaign. I mean yeah, there was some anger,...
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    These guys never learn do they? And I would have wanted to stay away from this after having spent several posts on their...
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    i have to agree, this campaign had a poorly written copy. The taglines weren’t well thought out too. I wonder how this...
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    IKR. I doubt any one of those models has whatever percentage of their blood directly from purely Austronesian ancestors...
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    Er, I don’t think nationality rides on just your parent’s ancestry. It’s like a collab between your beliefs, sense of...
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    Couldn’t have said it better ^^^
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    amen. three parts or not, it was still made in bad taste.
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    If the message got lost along the way that’s because of two things: 1. It was a shitty message. 2. It was a shitty awful...
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