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    The question I would ask is whether the CCP, a government agency, may be compelled to show whatever artists feel should be shown. Put differently, is the CCP free to choose what it wants to show without violating freedom of expression?

    While what is expressly guaranteed by the Constitution is the freedom of speech or expression, the guarantee does not exclude the freedom not to speak. The freedom not to speak is pure common sense such that, perhaps, for this reason there is no constitutional provision specifically guaranteeing it.


    Art and the Right Not to Speak by Father Bernas

    Precisely. It cuts both ways.


  2. "But what does art mean to all of us. If that art, if that life, has been only of use to you, but not to others."

    F Sionil Jose. June 3, 2011

    A line from his amazing speech during the Cultural Center of the Philippines tribute for Alejandro R Roces.

    In other words, artists have to figure their works within a larger calling. They must create, not only worthy works, but art that speaks, that crafts, that brings together and unearths or repairs. Else that ‘art’ just becomes another form of masturbation. Art, to be truly great and meaningful, has to have a higher purpose.

    And art can be found, not only in physical representations, but in a life lead. A life dedicated to something greater is a form of art in and of itself. Put on a performance to inspire.