1. Why Carmen Pedrosa is a compromised columnist:

    “Another president who became congressman” April 4,  2010:

    She will not be alone in pushing for those reforms. She is no longer president and all the fear that she can make it possible to shift to parliamentary government once she becomes congresswoman is ill founded. There are enough lawmakers in the House of Representatives who favor constitutional reform but they cannot do anything about the flawed provisions on revision in the 1987 Constitution. The Constitution will have to be amended before it can be amended. How that can be overcome remains to be seen.

    But if she does lead Congress to push for constitutional reform she would have served the Filipino nation far greater than any infrastructure she has built or a stable economy that she nurtured as President.

    It has been fairly clear that she is a pro-parliamentary advocate. Some may confuse this with her desire to ‘fix’ the political system here. Maybe at one point it was. But this desire has been seriously compromised by her close contact with GMA. At certain points in her columns she has even tried to apologize on behalf of the GMA administration.

    As we know, the culture community was wiped out, the boards of the CCP, NHI and National Museum unilaterally removed. Those who supported GMA and Cecile Alvarez by extension were placed in positions of authority:

    “A sentimental journey” April 11, 2010:

    “…I received word from co-trustees of the Board of the Cultural Center of the Philippines that they have nominated and voted me in as Chairman. “ 

    Throughout her recent columns, the anti-Noynoy rhetoric, spurred and linked to her anger and hatred of Cory’s administration, has risen to higher and higher levels of hysterical ranting. The entertaining part is when she has begun to weave unsubstantiated stories of US intervention and propping up of Noynoy-Mar tandem. Completely ignoring the continual US support of GMA as she pushed anti-Filipino free trade policies. She has become inconsistent even in this. On the one hand praising the US as a country, on the other lambasting them. Curious, that it was to the US where she fled during Martial Law exile; the same US that supported Marcos.

    Curious then that she lambasts the US for expressing a desire to see elections run smoothly in May. I guess her does not want them to run smoothly.

    While I am no Noynoy apologist, and have serious reservations about his educational policies, her nonsensical rantings are damaging in a broad sense; they (like Esposo) do nothing to further voter education.

    “The Issue is still Noynoys cluelessness” April 10, 2010:

    “Therefore Filipinos who value the country’s independence must close ranks to stop the perfidy. Let us not be misled into electing an “incompetent little boy” in the name of good governance.”

    “Dangerous games” March 20, 2010:

    “It is time we stop the charade. Noynoy was put up to frustrate constitutional reform, a regularly recurring phenomenon throughout our postcolonial history. I am less against Noynoy as I am against the people who have set him up for May 2010. Noynoy’s candidacy symbolizes unconscionable interference in our national life. We must resist it.”

    Here then we know what she fears. Someone being in power to prevent her patron from pushing for a parliamentary system. I wonder though: What does Pedrosa really think a parliamentary system will do? How will it help the Philippines? She does not make this case, instead of devolving further and further into black propaganda and hate-filled mudslinging.

    “A clincher” April 24, 2010:

    “I did not want to write about Noynoy’s mental sickness. In a political campaign season, it looked like black propaganda from rival politicians

    "The Issue is still Noynoys cluelessness" April 10, 2010:

    For this reason alone, it is anybody but Noynoy. (And for the sake of accuracy also Erap, although he is not a threat).

    Whenever Pedrosa cries about bias in media, keep in mind her agenda. She is one of the worst of the worst in terms of bias and hypocrisy. To her credit though, she has been blatant about it.

    By the way, in reviewing her recent columns I came across this:

    (It is my opinion that the psychiatric report on Noynoy was unnecessary; more of an overkill. He is not qualified nor deserving to be president of this country period, period, period.)

    In light of that, don’t forget her comments from today:

    Noynoy’s mental illness was a recurring problem, exploding in bouts while a student in Ateneo and again when they lived in exile in Boston. That belies claims he has been cured.

    (Aquino’s household help have said he regularly takes seroquel and abilify, both medicines for mental illness. It is alleged that he is suffering a variant of labile disorder. Dr. SamVaknin writes that the “main dynamic in the Borderline Personality Disorder is abandonment anxiety.”

    I love watching people hang themselves. Obviously, she’s having to ramp up the black propaganda and rhetoric, the more criticisms her patron (GMA) receives.

    Her inability to substantiate her innuendos, relying on things like,  ”I heard” or “Someone told me” or “Someone in the future will make the connections” speak to someone who is spinning fairy-tales and fantastical scenarios. 

    I hate to call someone a liar. But in her case it is, among other things, an apt description.