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    Agra said being in the headlines and pilloried by angry protesters were taking a toll on him and his family.

    He said it pained him to see the name “bequeathed to me by my father” made the subject of snide wordplay—a reference to placards with the words “Agra-biyado” and “Agra-be” held up by protesters at the Department of Justice.

    “That hurts me because I am a family guy,” he said.


    Agra breaks into tears but still sticks to order - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

    So were many of those killed. In denying their families their day in court, in purposefully ignoring and subverting legal jurisprudence, Agra has effectively made a farce of our legal system. He’s exemplified why the Philippines, as a nation-state, is no longer looked upon with respect, but pity. And in some international circles, outright disgust.

    If Agra really and truly stood by his decision and believed that it was proper and correct, he would not be crying. The backlash would not be affecting him. He could point to the law and say, “What I did was perfectly legal, look at the legal history upon which my decision is justified.” But there is no such legal history, there is no such defense. So, instead he has to use emotional pleas and justifications to defend and obscure his initial unethical, immoral and illegal decision.

    By any other name, whether from the father or because Agra is a crybaby, they are crocodile tears.

    By the way, love the nicknames.