1. Time to stock up on some tissues

    Honor even in defeat - COMMONSENSE By Marichu A. Villanueva | The Philippine Star News Opinion

    They may be vanquished, ran over and turned bloodied by the mean campaign machinery of their rivals. But they kept their honor even as they bowed out from the just concluded presidential race with their heads held up high. 

    *whine whine whine* *whine whine* Boo-fucking-hoo.

    Wait, let me play your the world’s smallest violin. Tell me another sad sob story.

    Noynoy is soooo meeeeaaaaan.

    Of all the nine presidential candidates, Villar got the most of the muckraking and black propaganda in media to text blasts where he was tagged as “Villa-rroyo” or administration-backed candidate. Legarda likewise suffered the brunt of nasty text blasts and other sludge that came out during the 90-day campaign period. Following the lead of Villar, Legarda formally accepted her defeat to Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay who is leading in the partial official results of the vice presidential contest.

    Some of the chief muck-rakers in this campaign were not pro-Aquino, suffice it to say (Pedrosa and Cunanan come to mind). And, other than Senator Gordon who was continually called an asshole, none were attacked as personally as Noynoy (retarded/autistic/mentally deficient/depressed/suicidal).

    Most of the contentions against Villar were  not personal (although there were some and I do not condone them and I am on record as criticizing Esposo), but related to his claims of poverty and wealth accumulation. By running on a platform of anti-poverty and his chief message being, “I was poor look at what I did”, with his roots figuring prominently in his advertisements, it became an issue. Because he made it so.

    And with regards to Legarda, I distinctly remember her saying she’ll never run with Villar. Oops.

    So come on, quite whining. Show the same kind of grace that your candidates did and stop making excuses.