1. Yeah, so I’m on a bit of an Ok Go kick. And dogs!

  2. nprfreshair:

    via nprmusic: Some Music For Your Morning

    First Listen: ‘Muppets: The Green Album,’ a new collection of Muppet songs covered lovingly by OK Go, Andrew Bird, My Morning Jacket and other artists. Enjoy!

    People listen to this. Amazing. And nostalgia inducing for us old guys.

  3. OK Go just popped up on iTunes. Which, naturally, made me quite nostalgic for a second there-ok more than a second. 

    Music, much like the sense of smell, has this ability to instantaneously tease out old memories. Warm memories, good memories at that. At least we hope so. And this moment in particular will always be good, no matter what happened a few months later.

    Music reminds of a period; indelibly becomes a part of that moment. For me, OK Go is inextricably linked to a time at university, when I was younger and had some how convinced someone I was actually datable. It reminds me of burgers and shakes, driving around town and killing time with conversation. Mainly, because we were lost and were seriously jonesying for a burger. Maps never ever seem to work properly when needed.

    And yes, this burger in particular. It had become a quest to finally try. And when we did, it was gooood.

    Now THAT ended up being a good night indeed. Wrong turns, rainy nights and all. Maybe that’s why it’s become it’s so special; romanticized even. I’m always going to say it was because of the burger. And maybe a bit of the music thrown in for good measure, probably why I’ll always fondly remember this album.

    Weird how memories can become so linked. I can’t hear this album, or that song in particular, without all these little snippets of moments sneaking out. You become nostalgic, at least I do. And in a way, want to recapture the nervousness, the energy, the excitement, the verve of those past times. Something about first dates, especially great ones, linger long past.

    Good days. Good times.

    And now I’m hungry.