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    The wife of the late Boston psychiatrist Steve Agular denied that her husband ever treated Liberal Party presidential bet Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

    In a short statement, Dr. Rosario Agular said there is “absolutely no truth” to the claim that Aquino consulted her husband.

    “Aquino was not even a patient of my husband. I condemn the use of my late husband’s name in these attempts to smear the reputation of Aquino,” Agular said in her statement…

    Represented by Philippine Star Columnist Chit Pedrosa, the group, which called themselves the Citizens for their Right to Information, claimed that Agular served as Aquino’s neurologist and psychiatrist sometime between 1981 to 1983 while the Aquino family was still living in Boston.

    Pedrosa said she learned about this from a former official of the Philippine Fund.


    Strike 3 on psycho issue: Wife denies Boston psychiatrist treated Noynoy

    Ooooh. Tough blow. Wonder what the next tactic will be? Or, the next psychiatrist they try and drag into this story. First and second attempts were the Ateneo, this last attempt involved Boston…were the Aquinos ever in Spain? May San Francisco, I remember the Aquinos used to meet with people there.

    Anyway, on another subject, I wonder if Ms. Pedrosa will apologize for falsifying information and passing it along as truth?