1. Election Fraud? Fraudulent Claims? Good Lord Not Again.

    Sad to say cries of election fraud are growing, took a little bit longer than expected, but I think that was a by-product of the new electoral system. They couldn’t figure out the best way to cast doubt on the elections.

    First, I have no doubt that there were cases of electoral fraud, likely on local levels. That’s pretty damn normal, no matter what type of system is being used. But the accusations are coming now on a national level, the most recent courtesy of Buddy Cunanan.

    The video was shown during a Manila forum by newspaper columnist Buddy Cunanan, who said he got it from a friend whom the witness had approached to tell his story.

    The man had a “crisis of conscience,” Cunanan said, adding he had documentary evidence and wanted the government to conduct an investigation.

    “Both parties are willing to come out in the open in the proper forum,” he said.

    Fraud Tales Grow Taller - Inquirer

    Masked men, the friend of my friend said and cries of “I have evidence” have, again become part of the normal post-election din. My suspicion is most of this stuff is sour-graping. The sad part is, that all of this grand-standing is likely overshadowing and complicating investigating voting fraud.

    There is an old saying “attack the messenger, not the message.” However, in this case I believe that understanding the messenger is important to understanding the context of the message.

    Buddy Cunanan is related to Belinda Olivares-Cunanan (she of the second most vituperative attacks against Noynoy, along with Carmen Pedrosa). The publisher of The Daily Tribune is Ninez Cacho-Olivares, a decidedly pro-Erap, anti-Aquino rag. Sadly, the Daily Tribune has left most of their journalistic integrity by the wayside and were one of the most “hysterical” of “newpapers” during the election. That has not abated since. From today:

    The first ones to be dropped during Cory’s reign were the politicians, then led by Doy Laurel. Next went the so-called yellow group, composed of civil socialites, such as the yellow businessmen who incidentally, came up with pretty corrupt deals. In the end, Cory and her Kamag-Anak Inc. reigned supreme and got away with it, because the yellow media protected her and hardly ever brought these issues to the public, as Cory was their creation, just as Noynoy is today. The yellow media have gone the extent of calling Noynoy the “people’s president.” That’s really over the top.

    He will be a minority president if he is proclaimed and he does not speak for the people, but for the frigging elite. Truth is, Noynoy is a spoiled brat who wants to have his way all the time, which is why he and his supporters, who were Gloria supporters, wanted Corona out of the CJ picture.

    - Empty Threats

    Honestly, that’s some of the more tempered comments she’s had.

    Does she have a point? Of course she does, I happen to agree that Aquino should not be expending political capital by going after Corona. It was signed and agreed upon by the Supreme Court. Do I agree with the decision of the Supreme Court? Not at all. But Aquino, with some political tap-dancing, could use this to gain further favorable political points that he can expend in the future. The appearance of reconciliation now will further bolster his moves to investigate GMA and other shenanigans in the future.

    But back to Buddy Cunanan. This then becomes the problem. The extended family of Buddy have been some of the most rabid supporters of Erap (historically as well with regards to The Daily Tribune), GMA (Belinda Olivares-Cunanan) and Gibo (Travelife, published by his sister, for which he writes). They have all been supremely anti-Aquino in their rhetoric (The Daily Tribue and Belinda were some of the loudest with regards to the whole “mental instability” of Aquino). Taken within context then, Buddy’s secret video, masked man and so forth takes on another aspect.

    I hope that the Congress gets to the bottom of these issues. And if they are found to be valid, steps are taken. What those may be, I am not sure. But I am sure proclaiming the election invalid will be one of them. And if the presidential election is then invalid, all are invalid.

    The needed suspension of disbelief though is quite large to believe that Aquino and the LP had the ground forces necessary to pull off this type of massive fraud. Essentially, the premise is that the LP now (I guess) had even more reach and influence than the combined might of the PMP and the Lakas-Kampi. GMA, Erap, Villar and Gibo were all out-maneuvered by the LP and Aquino? The LP was so good in fact, that they were only able to place Drilon and TG Guingona in the Senate, barely picked up any seats in the House and lost VPship to Binay?

    Or was that, Roxas was backstabbed by Aquino and Aquino made a clandestine deal with Binay running under Erap’s banner. Which means that Binay in turn, either back-stabbed Erap, or Aquino had brokered a deal with Erap through Binay to give him the VPship.

    Again, I am more than positive that there were electoral issues,  and they must be addressed and investigated. My suspicion though, again, is that these are localized issues and do not necessarily reflect some sort of national conspiracy.

    These types of agitations and madly dire proclamations (at the heart appearing to be only extensions of pre-election rhetoric) are doing nothing except further muddying the issues. This type of grandstanding is doing nothing more than laying the groundwork for issues over the next six years (impeachments and so forth).

    If there is evidence, present it. Simple as that. As a matter of fact, I sincerely hope that there is proof. If not, the reputations of those involved are further sullied and all this has done is further a personal agenda of those involved at the expense of national good.

    I for one (no matter my political beliefs) would be concerned about having an illegitimate president. But right now, all they are doing is basically casting baseless aspersions and attempting to weaken the mandate of Aquino, while bolstering the newly national credentials of Erap and his claim on the presidency. Or was it Gibo and his credentials? Where is Villar in all of this? Or, was Aquino in fact, GMA’s secret candidate?

    Maybe at the end of the day, the whole point is simply to weaken the mandate of Aquino. If that is the case, then I pity these people.